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Fan Fiction Archive

Welcome to the Johnny Depp Zone’s Fan Fiction Archive.

The Zone began publishing fan fiction in a haphazard way several years ago; determined writers simply published their stories on our discussion forums. As the Zone’s writing community blossomed, a separate fan fiction forum was created. Today the Johnny Depp Zone has two forums dedicated to fiction written about Johnny Depp’s movie and television characters: one for Stories-in-Progress and one for Completed Stories; both accessible to Zone members only.

During the past four years, the Zone has published hundreds of stories. We have selected a few of our all-time favorites to keep permanently in the archives, so they will be available to delight new and returning readers for years to come.

We thank Kittycat88, Deppsdebb, Endora, Linda B., and Shadow for generously sharing their work and their talent with us. Brava!

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The Lexington House Murder ~ by Kittycat88

The Lexington House Murder What happened to Ichabod Crane after he solved the mystery in Sleepy Hollow? In Kittycat88’s novel, newly-married Ichabod investigates the murder of a housemaid in one of New York’s wealthiest neighborhoods -- and puts himself and Katrina in danger.

The Waiting Room ~ by Deppsdebb

The Waiting Room All of Johnny Depp's movie characters fidget in "The Waiting Room," waiting for a release that blocked writer Mort Rainey (Secret Window) cannot deliver. Deppsdebb's funny, ambitious thriller blends the Depp canon with Samuel Beckett's classic Waiting for Godot.

The Tenth Gate ~ by Endora

The Tenth GateMany months after the events of The Ninth Gate, self-confessed "book geek" Dean Corso finds himself attracted to a mysterious woman in "a place where witchcraft still lives." Endora spins a tale of passion and the occult . . .

The Devil Gets His Due ~ by Linda B.

The Devil Gets His Due In the closing moments of The Libertine, John Wilmot, 2nd earl of Rochester, succumbs to syphilis. After such a harrowing death, what does the afterlife hold for Rochester? Linda B. explores this tantalizing question in her short story.

Captain Jack Sparrow and the Fountain of Youth
~ by  Shadow

CJS and the Fountain of YouthPirates of the Caribbean: At World's End concludes with Captain Jack Sparrow setting off from Tortuga in a dinghy, with a bottle of rum and a map in hand. Will Captain Jack find the Fountain of Youth? Shadow tells us what happened next  . . .