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Captain Jack Sparrow

and the Fountain of Youth

~ by Shadow

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How well we remember that final shot of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, as the intrepid Captain Jack Sparrow uncorks a bottle of rum, unfurls his purloined map, and bravely sets sail in a dinghy across the open sea. As he leaves Tortuga behind, the pirate is all by his onesies, but whatever danger Jack faces on his voyage fades into insignificance compared to the horrors he experienced when he was confined in Davy Jones' locker. Does Captain Jack's voyage lead where he hoped? Does he find another route to immortality by discovering the Fountain of Youth? Shadow tells us what happened next . . .

About the Author

Shadow's writing career began on the Zone in early 2004 with the classic satire Watching Paint Dry. JoBlo admired Shadow's work so much that he included it on his website. Since then, she has kept us laughing with witty artwork and humorous essays and poems that gently satirize the film industry and—yes—even obsessed Johnny Depp fans. Versatile and endlessly creative, Shadow designs the Zone's artwork for contests and celebrations and moderates the Garage Game and the FanArt forum. Captain Jack Sparrow and the Fountain of Youth is unique among Shadow's works because it is character-based fiction; we hope her Muse will lead her to write more fan fiction.