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The Devil Gets His Due

~ Linda B.

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In the closing moments of The Libertine, John Wilmot, second earl of Rochester, succumbs to syphilis. But death, however torturous and premature, proves far less harrowing for my lord Rochester than the afterlife. Linda B.’s The Devil Gets His Due shows the celebrated libertine stranded in hell and—to his horror—hell is boring. Imagine Rochester, he of the quick wit and restless mind, trapped for three hundred years in a bland room that never changes, where he lacks all diversion and his only companion is a devil bent on frustrating his every impulse. Rochester would do anything to escape this hell . . . but when the devil offers him a way out, is it just another way to break his heart?

About the Author

The Devil Gets His Due was the first work of fan fiction Linda B. published on the Johnny Depp Zone; it appeared in the winter of 2006. She has since shared a couple of delightful tales that fill in Captain Jack Sparrow’s backstory, Fate Intervenes and The Sparrow’s Nest. Her inspiration for The Devil Gets His Due came from, she says, “an intense desire to give Rochester a second chance.”