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The Lexington House Murder

~ Chapter Eleven

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Ichabod had only begun to approach the house, when the door opened and Jonathan came out followed by Cook.

“I am glad I caught you sir. Tis my night off, and I am going to my sister in Brooklyn. Jonathan here is going to accompany me.”

“I asked mother, and she said it would be alright to stay over the night and return with Cook tomorrow. Cook is aunt to that boy I told you about. Robert who is near to my age. I understand he has a new set of detective stories, new stamps and coins in his collections. I promised Cook I would I not be any trouble.”

Ichabod responded by running his hand through the boy’s hair. “Are you sure, he isn’t a bother, Cook? It is your time off.”

“Never, sir. The two boys have a fine time together and are no bother at all.”

Ichabod entered the house. It was almost late afternoon. He was somewhat exhilarated and wished to talk to Katrina about his day. But when he spotted her out the kitchen window, he lost all thought of the Lexington House mystery.

Katrina was bent over smelling the roses, lilac and herbs which she grew in abundance.

She stood up with a small bunch of the lilac in her hand. She approached the rear entrance when Ichabod opened the door. She smiled at him and offered her cheek for a kiss. “Ichabod, what brings you home at this time? How did it go?”

“Mailer and I are done for the day. And it went well. But I am much more inclined to talk about you. What have you been up to?”

Katrina nodded toward the garden and went over to the sink to wash her hands. She placed the lilacs in a small vase on the table. “A little bit of color for Cook when she returns tomorrow. She is fond of my lilacs. Ichabod, whatever are you doing?”

Ichabod appeared to be looking for something in the cabinets by poking around with a long handled spoon.

“Cook keeps her secret cache in here. She thinks by telling me she has found spiders in this cabinet before, that I will be prevented from discovering her penchant for sherry. But I am not put off by her warnings.” Ichabod however continued to carefully poke through all the jars and bottles.

When he was finished doing that, he manfully reached in and retrieved what was indeed a bottle of sherry. He presented it to Katrina with a flourish.

“Mrs. Crane, would you care to have a glass of stolen sherry with me?”

“I would be delighted, Constable.” She accepted the glass from Ichabod and drank it down.

When they were done, Ichabod took Katrina by the hand and whispered to her. “I think it is time that you and I retire to our bed for awhile.”

Katrina’s heart leapt. She was suddenly afraid because she did not know what would be expected of her. After her bold seductions, perhaps Ichabod would presume she know more than she did. She clung to his hand as they walked up the steps and into their bedchamber. The late afternoon sun left a soft golden light in the room.

Ichabod removed his coat and placed it on a chair. He loosened his collar and cuffs. He walked toward her, his eyes intent upon her mouth. Then he kissed her.

He undid the hooks and ties of her dress. She slipped from it, and he placed it carefully on the chair also. She pulled open the sting closure of her petticoat, and he did the same with that. When he turned back Katrina stood only in her chemise.

He walked around her slightly to pull down the covers of the bed, when he turned back Katrina’s chemise also lay on the chair. Without touching her he gestured for her to climb into the bed. Katrina did so. The sheets felt crisp and clean next to her naked skin. She did not look at Ichabod as she listened to him undressing. He slipped in beside her, balancing on one arm; with his other hand, he undid the combs in her hair. He then leaned over her to place them at her bed side. Katrina took advantage of the moment to study his smooth chest, and his face so close to hers in the light. The jaw and cheeks chiseled, the lips perfect. He settled back on his arm, looking down at her.

“In the beginning, the thought of marital intercourse with you at all was overwhelming to me. I believed a thoughtful husband would satisfy himself with his wife only a reasonable amount of times each month, to show respect for her female sensitivities. That a man should never see his wife without clothing on, as it might appear that he did not respect her need for modesty. To take her as quickly as possible to prevent her from experiencing any unnecessary unpleasantness.”

“After what you said to me, I realized that what I was doing is not the way a man and woman should come together in their marriage. In fact, for a husband to behave so is being selfish to one’s wife.”

Ichabod looked down for a second, and then back at her lovely, sweet face looking at him with such trust. He took a deep breath. “Katrina I believe based on my studies of physiology and biology that women have the same capability to share in the physical exhilaration of the sexual act as a man.” He looked to see if she was shocked at what he had said. But only that gentle smile remained on her lips. She was still and did not move to touch him.

Crane looked abashed. “Here I talk of science, when I have such a beauty in my arms, who has asked me to truly be her lover; not just a husband who performs his conjugal duty.”

“Katrina, could you surrender yourself to me completely?”

She nodded. She could feel the sherry helping to relax her body. He gently pulled her down lower in the bed so that her head was even with his shoulders.

Ichabod leaned over to kiss her throat and the skin immediately below her ear. He would alternate kissing and running just the tip of his tongue over her skin. His slowly raised her arms above her head on the pillow. He kissed the soft flesh beneath her upper arm and along the side of her breast. Katrina looked down at her breasts. Her nipples had always been the palest pink. But now they had begun to enlarge and darken in color. She wondered if ….then, suddenly Ichabod’s lips were kissing her there. An unexpected flush of feeling leapt from her breast to her groin. It was as if a powerful force was opening her up, down deep in her womb. Without even being conscious of what she was doing, her thighs parted slightly as if she were opening herself up to him.

“Look at me, Katrina.” Ichabod just barely whispered to her. “I know that there is a place on your body where if touched allows you to experience pleasure the same as a man.”

She felt Ichabod slide his fingers down her side until he had indeed, began to touch the most intimate place on her body. She started to close her eyes tight.

“No, Katrina, keep looking at me,” he said. She did as he asked. At first she felt some shame, quickly replaced by a very strange rhythmic feeling building deep inside her. She thought, I can stop this, I can move away from his touch. I can stop whenever I wish.

And then suddenly she knew she could never stop him. She moaned and moved her body against his touch. Now she wished for him to be inside her; it must be now. Now or surely she would break into a hundred pieces. All this time his eyes never left hers. She whispered, “Ichabod, please.”

Ichabod entered his wife. He continued to look tenderly at her. “I think there is only one thing more intoxicating than reaching sexual satisfaction, and that is to watch the face of your beloved as she does.”

He slowly began to move inside of her. All at once, Katrina felt the most powerful of physical sensations. Her eyes grew wide and she let out a cry. She wanted to stuff her fist in her mouth, but Ichabod held her tightly. Sounds both wonderful and strange emanated from her throat. Just then, Ichabod eyes seem to glaze over and he fairly shook as he released himself inside her.

For a very long time they clung together. Ichabod rolled slowly on to his back. Katrina now lay on her side looking at him with wonder. She began to kiss him all about the face. “Ichabod, you have no idea what you have done to me. Is this normal; am I different in some way?”

“Why would you ask that, Katrina?”

She looked suddenly bashful. “Well, I would like to know, or can I know...would it be proper for me to ask how much time must pass between our doing this again. Could it be as soon as tomorrow?”

“No, it is not improper for you to ask. And I believe, dear wife, that well before tomorrow’s dawn, you shall know the answer to that question.” Ichabod smiled as he rolled Katrina onto her back and began to kiss her softly.


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