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The Lexington House Murder

~ Kittycat88

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What happened to Ichabod Crane after he solved the mystery in Sleepy Hollow?

In her novel The Lexington House Murder, Kittycat88 continues the adventures of Ichabod, his new bride Katrina, and their faithful young servant Masbeth as they settle into life in New York City. But—as Ichabod pointed out to the men of Sleepy Hollow—there are murders in New York, too. Some may even be of the supernatural variety. Ichabod soon finds himself enmeshed in a puzzling case involving Margaret Jefferson, a housemaid to the wealthy Wellington-Trumbell family. The only witness to Margaret’s vicious murder recognizes her killer—unfortunately, the man seen wielding the knife has been dead for several years! Can Ichabod solve the mystery? Will his search for the killer bring danger to those he loves most?

About the Author

Kittycat88 has been writing fanfic for the Johnny Depp Zone since 2005, and is one of our most prolific writers. The Lexington House Murder is her second fanfic novel; she has also written works about Dean Corso (The Ninth Gate), Frederick Abberline (From Hell), Gilbert Grape, and Tom Hanson. Although she enjoys the challenge of structuring a mystery, Kittycat88 always focuses on personal relationships as well; Lexington House investigates not just murder, but Ichabod and Katrina’s delicate adjustment to married life.