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The Tenth Gate

~ Endora

Example content image Many months after the events of The Ninth Gate, self-confessed "book geek" Dean Corso finds himself attracted to a mysterious woman in "a place where witchcraft still lives." Endora spins a tale of passion and the occult in The Tenth Gate, as Corso—always lonely, always a bit too detached for his own good--finds himself tempted to pursue a relationship with the blonde woman he meets casually outside a library. Before long, Corso is falling under her spell, even though he knows he is being drawn into a relationship he cannot control. Who is this mystery woman, and what does she want from him?

About the Author

The Tenth Gate, written in the spring of 2006, is Endora’s first major work of fan fiction for the Johnny Depp Zone. She has since completed Central Line, a story featuring Raphael (The Brave), and Reunion, a sequel to The Tenth Gate. Both of these works can be found on the Zone’s Fanfic Completed Stories forum. Endora’s stories are notable for their subtle characterization and their carefully nuanced rendering of setting—revealing their author’s roots as a geographer.