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The Waiting Room

~ Chapter Thirty

Where's Mort?

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Sam left the group as they fought over the last of the pink cupcakes. If he every got a chance, he would have to let Kat know how much the men enjoyed her lovely confections. But for now, Sam searched for only one man…the pirate, Sparrow.

He found the Captain standing on a ladder, braced against the bookshelves. At first he thought he had found Shelley’s monkey, but it appeared to Sam that he was rubbing his hand over something on top of the case.

“Captain?” Sam whispered to the pirate.

“Uh?” Sparrow shot a look down to Sam. “What is it boy? Never mind, I’m coming down.” He climbed down, jumping off when he had four rungs left.

“What were you doing up there Captain?” Sam’s eyes full of curiosity.

Sparrow put a finger to his own lips, asking for Sam to hush, then glanced around the room to locate the gypsy Roux. He saw him sitting in a circle of men, strumming his guitar as they all sang another round of Happy Birthday.

“I was checking on me girls.” He pointed to the very top of the bookcase. “I got their names up there…to immortalize them so to speak. Three of me own special beauties…Carrie, Sammy, and Meggie.”

Sam touched his sleeve to get the Captain’s attention. When Sparrow looked to Sam, the young man pointed to Mort’s desk.

“He’s gone. I fixed it so we can go look at the computer, at Jessi’s website, if you want. Mort will be gone about twenty minutes. At least that was how long he was gone before.”

Before he could ask how he had fixed it, Sam was already on the move towards Mort’s desk. Sparrow kept a sharp eye out as he followed.

Casually they stepped behind the desk, then ducked down. Sam reached up and pulled the laptop to the edge of the desk, then with one swift move brought it down into his lap.

Sparrow sat amazed at the speed Sam typed on the buttons with letters.

“Tell me whelp; how did you manage to get Master Rainey from the room? I am interested in your method.”

Sam’s cheeks flushed. Then from his pocket he withdrew a crumpled packet and handed it to the pirate. Sparrow unfolded it, trying to smooth it out then read the name.


Sparrow’s eyes flew up to Sam, who looked away in embarrassment.

“Did ye put this in his bowl at lunch?” Sparrow inquired.

Sam nodded and continued typing.

Sparrow smiled, a half crooked, evil smile.

“So, lad, ye gave poor ol’ Master Rainey the shites! So as we speak, he is in the loo?”

Sam nodded again.

“Ye be brilliant lad. Ye are a true pirate at heart. I didn’t know ye had it in ye! Proud of ye boy!” He reached over and patted Sam on the shoulder.

“Here we go” Sam said, turning the screen around for Sparrow to see.

There it was. The website.


On the screen was also a picture. A picture of his saucy girl.

A picture of Jessi wearing an oversized sombrero. Sparrow had an instant of a thought: Crissy would love that hat.

But then he returned his thoughts to Jessi.

“Well ‘ello me little senorita” Sparrow said as he drew the laptop closer for a better look.


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