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The Waiting Room

~ Chapter Eighty-Two

True Friends

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Porthos! No! Ye can’t be meaning to take Porthos from me, can ye? That’s not quite the way it should be, now should it?” Barrie protested.

“I don’t be needing much here in this Room. I ask for nothing. I don’t have me fairy with me and now ye be wanting me bear? Tis’ not right, tis not right a’tall.”

The author’s Scottish accent grew thicker as he grew more depressed at the thought of losing his furry companion.

“I’m sorry Mr. Barrie. But he has to go back to the circus. They’ve been looking for him and they engaged me to bring him back. Please. Let’s not make this harder than it has to be.” Noodlemantra said. He did not want to do this but he had a job and today that job was to take back the bear.

Barrie gave Porthos a last hug. Then he slowly brought his brown, sad eyes up to look at ON.

“Have ye seen Peter? Is he doing well? And his brothers? How are they all doing? Fine boys, ye know? I miss them much.” Barrie sighed as he released the bear and quickly excused himself and headed to the bathroom to have some time alone.

Up until this moment The Room had been silent as all watched with heavy hearts at Barrie’s personal dilemma. It was true. The man stayed back from the chaos of the Room. He was a quiet, shy man, staying much to himself. And now this...the one thing he had found pleasure in since his arrival was being ripped from him.

“Hey! Noodlemantra! Do you really need to take the fur-bag with you?” Duke asked, finally breaking the silence of the room. “Seems they can do one day without a damn bear out there! Hell! Tell the f---ers to train themselves a new one! We’re keeping Porty here! All in favor?” Duke asked the Room.

Noodlemantra watched in amazement as one by one hands went into the air. He turned in a circle, all around arms reached for the ceiling as the occupants voted to keep the bear with them. ON had mixed feelings. On one hand he was impressed with the support the men were giving, the solidarity of helping another man without regard for reward…but…on the other hand he feared what would happen when he would have to insist on taking the bear with him.

Things could get ugly. He recalled the gun situation when he had come for the letter that had been kept safe by BonBon. That had only been a few men. This time involved the whole room.

“I am overwhelmed gentleman, at the show of hands concerning Porthos. But I have to tell you, this is not up for vote. I have been assigned to bring back the bear. I cannot leave without the bear.”

“Well then, look like you’re not leaving, Noodle-boy,” came Brasco’s reply. The Room mumbled in agreement.

ON stood his ground. He could not, would not leave without the bear.

“You gentlemen must understand that this is not acceptable. The bear does not belong in the Room and has to be returned. Porthos belongs to the Russian circus. He has to be returned to the rightful owners.”

How much longer would he be able to hold off the men, ON wondered. Would he be able to do anything if they overpowered him? Would Depp be able to get him out of The Room? He wasn’t getting paid enough. He would have to inquire about hazard pay when he finally got away from this madness.

A clipping sound caught their attention and all turned to look in the direction from where it had come. There, next to the bear was Edward, clipping away.

“Edward? What are you doing? The bear doesn’t need to be trimmed.” ON stepped around to the side of the creature where Edward was working.

“My God! Edward! What have you done!”

There on the animal’s side Edward had snipped away the fur…exposing skin with three words…


ON covered his face. How was he going to explain this to the ringmaster?

All right! He thought to himself, throwing his hands up in the air.

“You win! You all win! For now!” He headed towards the door but paused when he touched the knob.

“But do know this…I will return for the animal. He cannot stay forever.” Then he opened the door and disappeared.

For a brief second the Room was still. Then cheering rose as they celebrated their victory. For once they had worked together and succeeded.

Wood went to the bathroom and coaxed Barrie to come out. Tears filled the author’s eyes as he saw Porthos still sitting in the same spot.

“Thank ye, me friends!” he cried as he rushed to Porthos. “No one has ever done such a noble deed for me before. Ye all are true friends!”


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