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The Waiting Room

~ Deppsdebb

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Mort Rainey has writer's block.

That's hardly news, but Deppdebb's novel The Waiting Room draws all of Johnny Depp's previous characters into a complex and very funny story that blends elements of the psychological thriller with dark comedy and even a touch of the fantastic. How can these outsize personalities coexist in one small space? "Let's try to give our new writer, Mort, here, some ideas for story lines," Ed Wood urges his companions, reminding them that they will never escape the waiting room if they don't start networking -- pronto. Will they be waiting forever, like the characters in Beckett's Waiting for Godot, or is there some secret or key that will set them all free?

About the Author

Deppsdebb was one of the first authors to ever write fanfic on the Johnny Depp Zone—her earliest stories appeared in 2003, before the Zone even had an official fanfic forum. Debb’s gift for vivid dialogue and characterization, and her ability to create a complete world in her work has made her a Zone favorite. Her other Zone novel, Pirate’s Heart, explores the life of Jack Sparrow before the time of Pirates of the Caribbean; it can be found on the Zone’s Fanfic Works-in-Progress forum. The Waiting Room, completed in the fall of 2004, holds the distinction of being the most ambitious work of fiction ever completed for the Johnny Depp Zone.